NetBooks And Tablets What Changed? Jan 17, 2017

Computers have really changed laptop stands.  If you look into its evolution, you will find it hard to connect it with the new ones because there is really an obvious change.  That is only by mere looking at the appearance yet if you dig deeper to the functionality, utility and portability, you will get much more difference.  The latest among the family of computers is the netbooks and tablets.  There is a growing comparison showing netbooks vs tablets since the span of time when tablets were invented after netbooks were quite short.

In terms of appearance you will see the obvious difference between the two.  Netbooks resemble laptops, there is a monitor and a keyboard that you can shut close and a single unit appears.   Tablets on the other hand are literally “single”.  Its keyboard is on screen and you have to make use of your finger or stylus for it to operate just as you want it.

Netbooks vs tablets grew even more competitive in terms of operating system.  Netbooks makes use of the operating system just like that of desktop computers and laptops.  There is the presence of Windows 7, Windows XP and Linux to name a few.  While in tablets, the operating system may make use of Android which is the system used by smartphones.  These even create the difference between the software that is applicable to each type of computer.

Price is also a category for the growing battle between netbooks vs tablets.  It is made known that netbooks were actually made to give people affordable personal assistants for their needs in saving, storing and sending data.  Originally, netbooks were not really meant to store data for the long run but as more and more modifications are made it has been capable of doing so.  Tablets on the other hand were more expensive than netbooks.  It can grow up twice the price of netbooks.  However it is said that software for netbooks cost more than that of tablets so the balance is just there.

Though tablets have all the stylish ways, it lacks some features found in a netbook as much as netbooks lacks features of a laptop.  Tablets do not have USB ports that you might find to be essential.  If you really need to, you can buy accessories for your tablet that will do the job.

There is that netbooks vs tablets comparison each time.  If you are the consumer, you might even get confused.  Everything seems to have that feature that you would want to have.  With all these comparisons, you will understand that there is really quite a difference between the two but if you have to choose, choose the one that will satisfy your style and your needs.